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A regular summer event - BBQ's

Small groups (We call them LIFEGROUPS) are an important part of the structure of our Church; they are a place of belonging, relationships, growth, discipleship and practice of ministry.

They are certainly a great way to settle into the church fast and build friendships.    Here at Blackburn Vineyard we spend one night  / one morning a week worshipping, reading the bible, experiencing God, and hanging out - building friendships and sharing life with others.
We have great social times together, and food....... well there's never a meeting without food of some sort !

So far we have 2 groups meeting on Wednesdays -  11am - 1pm   &   8pm - 10pm   Both meet at the Jubilee Centre.

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Connect with us :
01254 372359
Unit 10, Red Rose Court,
Sunnyhurst Road,
Blackburn, BB2 1PS
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