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It’s not easy visiting a church for the very first time. You may be wondering:
Will I belong?        Will I really be welcome?      Will the people be unfriendly, or too friendly?        Will I be conspicuous?        Will it be easy to leave if I don’t enjoy it?      Will they ask me for money?      Will my kids enjoy it?      How should I dress?      Am I welcome if I don’t believe or if I have lots of questions?

You matter to us, so we have tried to think about what we can do to make your visit an enjoyable one. This section of our website is designed to answer some of the questions you may have. We hope that it might convince you that we are worth checking out.

Our music group in action
We enjoy spending time in God's presence.

Worship is our response to the wonderful love of God.

It is in our contemporary worship where we can find a greater intimacy with our Father, a deeper sense of the Lordship of Jesus and the touch of the Holy Spirit.

When you arrive for 10.30 am you can help yourself to coffee, tea, juice, cakes and biscuits and then we sit to begin worship at about 10.40am.
Worship can either be led by a live music group or by projecting words and music via video. It is an uplifting and spiritual time.  This lasts for about 25 minutes.
During this time the children stay in so that we may all worship together.

We then have a short break - an opportunity to top up your tea / coffee.

On return we will see how a passage from the Bible relates to our daily lives and then allow time for prayer ministry.

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01254 372359
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