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The best way to get to know us is to get invovled. We welcome, indeed encourage, people to get involved with church activites as soon as they are able.  

There are lots of things that need doing week by week, to ensure the smooth running of all we do. Here are a few examples :

REFRESHMENTS :  preparation, setting up, clearing away ect at all our Sunday and may other of our weekday gatherings.

SETTING UP : there is always things going on each week, in the various rooms that we use. In some cases teh rooms need cleaning & setting up / down for events that take place there.

WORSHIP TEAM : If you play a musical instrument / like to sing in a choir - then you can explore if tehre is something for you in our worship Team,

CHILDREN'S WORK  : Do you have a passion for working with children/young people?  Would you like to become part of a team whose heart is to see the children develop a personal relationship with God?
If so, and you would like more information, please ask!

WELCOMERS :  Greet people as they arrive.  Welcome newcomers and show them where everything is. Anyone can be involved here.

CHILDREN'S STOREHOUSE : Here you can help us provide baby equipment, children's clothing and toys for people in need.  Check out what we do at our Children's Storehouse page

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