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Here's a NEW & EASY WAY to raise money for our Church and its ministries, such as CHILDREN'S STOREHOUSE  or S.A.D.

&its one that does not involve parting with extra cash.

It means you can raise money for us by  :
   >   SEARCHNG the web  
   >   SHOPPING on line from your favourite retailers
   >   TRADING on eBay
You get great search results from Yahoo! -  content from leading shopping providers and access to all eBay auctions.  Every search you make creates a donation for our charity; and if you continue to buy something then a small donation is made from the company you buy from.

To do so, though, you need to log onto special Charity site  by clicking on either of the boxes at the top and bottom of this page
You can sign up and track your giving – it updates every 3 minutes,  You’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up! You will then be able to use the link direct.

Everyclick is the search engine we use and has already raised over £6,662,069.81 for a wide range of charities around the UK,                           

Discover the new way to give to Blackburn Vineyard Church.   



Occasionally, we recognise that to support an organisation or a person, doing something special may be needed. This part of the page links to any such project we may be supporting at the moment.
So if you are interested - just click on the link for more details :


You may want to do some of your own fundraising for us - for example to raise funds for the Children's Storehouse.

If you do then just email us with your thoughts and ideas and we will be able to set up a fundraising page to help.

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Connect with us :
01254 372359
     Sunday morning 10.30 am @
    Higher Croft Children’s Centre
Fishmoor Drive, Blackburn BB2 3UY

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